SUREFIRE is a song about eternal faith. Our faith that love is the most powerful force in the universe. Human civilization is experiencing an extraordinary moment in time. We are more capable of doing more good than ever before, but we are still mired by a myriad of systemic failures that continue to arise because of our continuing lack of empathy towards others. Issues relating to immigration rights, religious acceptance, and many other forms of prejudice are contaminating our cultural landscape on a daily basis. That is why Jamila and Roberto, the star-crossed lovers featured in the SUREFIRE music video, face a number of obstacles that are heavily rooted in the current social and political climate within the United States of America.

Thankfully, John Legend and our extraordinary team of collaborators have found a way for Jamila and Roberto to transcend those circumstances and enjoy the boundless depths of the human experience.

Despite the chaos that surrounds them...

They thrive...

Because their love is SUREFIRE.

We truly hope that their heroic journey can inspire us all to love just as fully.



Watch John Legend Celebrate Borderless Love in New 'Surefire' Video


Artist: John Legend

Label: Columbia Records | Sony Music

Production Companies: Friends at Work | Get Lifted Film Co. | UIWE

Executive Producers: John Legend | Ty Stiklorius

Writer | Director | Producer: Cole Wiley

Producers: Dominique Deleon | Stephen Love | Blake Pickens |

Director of Photography: Isiah Donté Lee

Editor: Fernando Viquez

Jamila: Yasmine Al-Bustami

Roberto: Johnny Ortiz

Naadim: Fahim Fazli

Luha: Anna Khaja

Rosalinda: Laura Patalano

Marisol: Muriel Villera

Marisol’s Girlfriend: Emira Kowalska

ICE Officers: Garrett Hines | Harold Warren | Stefanie Woodburn

Immigrants: Mariana Anaya | Terrence Christy | Manny Cruz | Robert Rexx | Cameron Jacob | Michael Pena | David Plascencia | Julio Rivera

Casting Director: Michael Beaudry

1st AD: Dylan Matlock

Director’s Assistant + Set Photographer: Katia Badalian

Production Designer: Aiyana Trotter

Art Director: David Peters

1st AC: Carman Spoto

2nd AC + Additional Photography: Anthony Goodman

Gaffer: Kazmo Kida

Key Grip: Joanna Nguyen

Best Boy: Scott Siracusano

Colorist: Mikey Rossiter (The Mill)

Hair + Make-Up: Carmen Dianne

Location Manager: Hector Tinoco

PAs: Justine Barker | Akeallah Blair | Christopher Cegielski | John Poindexter | Jake White

Art Assistants: Dahli Coles | Josh Heron | Justin Smith

Wardrobe Assistants: Marly Hall | Aubrinae Washington



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